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The Bridge-Diary

Who we are

—– Have you ever wondered, ‘how much of my donation actually helps those in need?’ or ‘is my donation being used efficiently?’ With the recent expansion of the donation market, efficiency and transparency of ODA (Official Development Aid) is being questioned, and I know that some of you are still hesitating whether to donate or not due to a financial burden, right? ‘The Bridge’ has been created to support developments of developing nations in the long run and to satisfy donor’s’ needs including the right to know how their donations are used. ‘The Bridge’ is a global, social enterprise which provides aids to local entrepreneurs of developing nations through Crowd Funding, as well as analyzing social impact the investment creates and providing such analysis to investors. Does the term ‘investment’ sound too grandiose and difficult? The cliche, ‘little drops of water make the mighty ocean’ suggests otherwise. Through Crowd Funding, those who are willing to coexist and help people trapped in poverty can fund even the small amount of money. Also, there is no need to worry about the risk of losses because ‘The Bridge’ repays you with the entire sums of investment. Anyone with compassion for the Third World can easily be of help. Let us take a closer look at the business structure of ‘The Bridge’!Capture6Simpler than it seems, doesn’t it? ‘The Bridge’, a financial intermediary as it is, may be unfamiliar but it can just be thought of as a bridge connecting investors and entrepreneurs in need, as our name ‘The Bridge’ suggests  —– Why ‘The Bridge’ then? 1. Minimum Cost ‘The Bridge’ is run by the loan interest (2% of the loan) from the entrepreneurs of developing nations and the cost for impact analysis (10% of the total investment). Our system is created to set the cost at a minimum level so that more benefit goes to entrepreneurs of developing nations and investors can be encouraged to reinvest. 2. Impact Analysis Those who have donated or sponsored a charity before must have wondered how efficiently the donation may have been used, right? ‘The Bridge’ analyzes and reports to every investor the social impact that the invested business creates. 3. Trustworthy Cooperative OrganizationUntitled ‘The Bridge’ receives a support and discovers a business for developing nations that creates positive social impact through cooperation with government agencies and numerous other credible organizations. Thus, you can rest assured and start investing! Got the picture of ‘The Bridge’ now? Crowd funding, impact analysis, MFI which introduces entrepreneurs of developing nations and all the other unfamiliar terms still sound confusing? Don’t worry. ‘The Bridge’ has prepared: (Address) Click here and you can learn more about basic terms used for the business models of ‘The Bridge’. Lastly, ‘The Bridge’ is not a financial intermediary. ‘The Bridge’ is a ‘channel’ connecting one’s heart to another’s. Find your happiness in coexisting through ‘The Bridge’ that connects your heart to others’!

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